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About and bio


I’ve always written stuff. By fourth grade I was attempting to write the stories that played out in my head. By High school I was realizing journaling daily, learning to love research and research papers, and still writing stories. My high school lit teacher, no matter how much she loved me for being so literate, would raise her eyebrows at my stories for her class. I once entered a story into a competition about vampire pirates…I mean hello, why not! It was clever it worked, honestly! And sooo before it’s time, considering Disney made a killing on zombie pirates! Needless to say, it didn’t win, not even a mention. So I wrote for myself and my research.

Me and my BFF Cyn, in woods, like always!

In college, I almost came to hate writing I did so much of it. But looking back now, I think I would live the rest of my life in college. The ideas, the classes, the constant need to buy more paper and pens!! I get high from a new table, journal, or book. My life without paper and pens, simply does not exist. I wrote about Indian philosophy and religion, I wrote about culture and kinship ideas. I wrote about folk lore and urban legends, literature, Bulgakov, Rumi (who speaks to me), about womens spirituality, the amazing brain, belief and religion. And an occasional story. I wrote about my travels, archaeological dig sites, and experiences and read my papers at conferences. I wrote about my, not so fun, first experience with a ghost.

That’s me in the middle. Elista, Republic of Kalmykia, Russia

Writing and journal has been almost constant need for me, a need to record an experience, process an emotion, play with possibilities. Over time, my writing needed to speak the truth of experience, not simply values and parables. During the day I would write about magick, metaphysics, and reality. Later, life coaching and manifestation, being the flow of your own currents. But almost every night for years I would cuddle up with the stories in my head and let them play out. Sometimes I would record it, sometimes I would possessively enjoy it for myself.

For me writing is about creating or validating reality, or a reality. While that might seem odd, because of the paranormal and transformational bent to my writing, all I can say is, when you walk a mile in my shoes you’ll understand. I don’t exclude non-normal events from my belief system and embrace the miraculous, the strange, and the idea that reality is only what we see with our eyes.

That's me in the middle, with the top hat with the goggles. Hubby's behind me, current BFF's to right (whom we go ghost hunting with), and a local paranormal investigation group to the left.
That’s me in the middle, with the top hat with the goggles. Hubby’s behind me, current BFF’s to right (whom we go ghost hunting with), and a local paranormal investigation group to the left.

Everyday I try to root into my longing, to break through another wall. Everyday I am working to change my own story, my own myths. I only hope that my writing can inspire you to try, as well.

Change your story, change your destiny!

Other odd facts about me:

  • BA in Anthropology from Mansfield University of PA
  • Spent one school year, and two summers studying Russian language and culture and archeology at Volgograd State university, Russia. And more time that that at Russian language and culture in general.
  • Accredited Master Intuitive Life Coach
  • ULC Minister
  • Reiki Master-Teacher. I got my first degree from an IHM nun at Marywood College.
  • Wanted to be a mash up of Indiana Jones, Macyver, and Vesper Holly (shout out there to all Lloyd Alexander fans) since I was a kid.
  • I am seriously addicted to books. After I got married I pretty quickly devoured my way through my husband’s fantasy collection, Eddings and Xanth mostly. And then went on to ready a good majority of the free works on the kindle in that genre.
  • I feel like Odd Thomas could be my soul mate.
  • Make jewelry from gemstones and wire, love painting illuminations, love playing with design and making clothing, and have odd fetish for hats, boots, and scarves (maybe it’s a Dr. Who thing!)
  • I’m a geek, with a geek family and we are proud of it.
  • Grew up and still am in North Eastern, PA. I love my rolling hills and forests!
  • I have a strong opinion that vampires who can invade dreams should also have the right to use phones or cell phones.
  • I am proof positive that adoption is a good thing. Did I mention that DNA genealogy is awesome!


Here’s a peek into the world, through my eyes!

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